Before I die I want to...
Go Zorbing!

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833 buckaroos have listed 'Go Zorbing!' as one of their life goals:

go zorbing it inspired me because it looks really fun


Roll down a hill in a Zorb ball


Who wouldn't love rolling down a hill, high speed, in a ball?!


Zorbing is a sport of rolling downhill inside an orb


looks fun and scary and I like a challage my self to just go for it.


It looks like a lot of fun!!!!


I don't know why this is on it have always just seemed like a cool thing to do.


Just because it looks like so much FUN!!!


How cool is a human-sized hamster ball??


Just looks like such a fun thing to do so why not


Fun! Never done it and I like hamsters.


My mum suggested to do this when we go to England and I just wanted to do it ever since


I am absolutely scared of being out of control. This should kick my fears in the butt. The thought of it makes me sick but life is all about taking chances I guess.


I think I'd have a ball! get it? muahahha


Looks like amazing fun and would challenge my fear of enclosed spaces


why wouldnt i wanna see whats it like being a hamster???


I had never heard of it before I read about it on this site, but it looks like a lot of fun!


looks like soo much fun! have to try it!


I read about this and thought it would be a fun extreme sport to try.


this is on everyones list, but thats because it looks fun!


The TV adverts where people are just casually rolling down the hills.


On land, on water, some place exotic


why shouldn't i be trapped in a giant hampster ball??


Whats the point of life if u cant have fun in a giant burble thing rolling down a hill


Roll inside a human sized hamster ball.. in water :D


I've seen and heard of it and must do it!


those big balls yu go into nd roll down hills in :)


I need to know how a hamster feels.


I saw it on Oprah once and it just seemed like so much fun. Plus I rolled down hills as a kid and this seems so much faster and consistent lol


I have always wanted to be a hamster!