Before I die I want to...
Backpack Accross Europe

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171 buckaroos have listed 'Backpack Accross Europe' as one of their life goals:

I want to see Soccer games in popular stadiums like, Camp Nou, Emirates Stadium, Allianz Arena, and many more.


I've always wanted to travel somewhere, and I feel like this is one of the best ways to experience that.


I believe there is just so much out there to explore, little countryside towns with so much character and history. To me, taking a trip across Europe would mean knowing other countries and their cultures that make them unique.


I think this is an wonderful adventure. My friend's sister have done it, my older sister wants to do it soon and since I've watched "Gilmore Girls" I want to do it someday.


Love traveling, travel around Europe staying in hostels with cheap little jobs to keep me going!


My parents went together across Europe while I was stuck at home. I'd love to do it myself someday.


"Not all those who wander are lost" that quote is what my dream is. I want to wander across Europe and see the beauty of this world.


I want to experience new cultures and get a look at history. I want to go to Rome, Greece, Venice, Spain, Paris, Scotland, Dublin,and anywhere else that I want along the way!


I have ALWAYS wanted to travel. Its been a dream since I was little, i've just never had the money. Hoping someday to make it work.


i always wanted to see every piece f the world first had what better way to do than backpack it


Seems cliche...but one day I was having lunch with my brother and we started talking about the future. He said to me "you should backpack across Europe when you graduate college". Naturally, I asked why, and he responded with, "I wish I would have, but I had no one to tell me that I should". That statement has always stuck in my mind and now I am determined to do it.