Before I die I want to...
Fly In A Helicopter

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since i was a kid i always wanted to ride in a chopper like every time a chopper fly's by i used to watch the sky till it goes.


It looks amazing to fly in a helicopter and I want to try it out in a big city like new york or something.


I would love to experience this with my entire family, but I definitely want to experience this with Josh.


If I fly in a helicopter then I would have been on nearly every mode of transport.


we always see life from the same angle, wouldn't it be nice to see it from someone else's?


I'm terrified of heights. I'm terrified of flying. I would like to overcome both of these fears long enough to experience a helicopter ride.


It doesn't have to be New York, though that would be nice, but would just love to experience a ride in a chopper.


I want to eventually take every type of transportation possible. This is one of them.


been on a plane... so not a heli? preferred not an ambulance one tho...


I've wanted to ever since I was little :]


2001 in Hawaii 2010 in the Whitsundays, Australia and Milford Sound, NZ


This was important to me because as a kid someone promised me he would teach me and it didn't happen. I still wanna take more lessons and be certified to fly by myself. :)


1988 Army helicopter in former Yugoslavia. Cost £10 for 1/2 hour.