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Travel To Hawaii

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169 buckaroos have listed 'Travel To Hawaii' as one of their life goals:

Tropical island with lots of beautiful locations and activities. Must visit, if possible, ride around with a helicopter to see the active volcano. Also, snorkeling sounds very fun.


I've always wanted to see Hawaii, ever since I saw the movies Blue Crush and North Shore. I love tropical weather and have been fascinated by Hawaiian history as well. I would love to snorkel, attend a luau, a try the local cuisine, take the local tours, hike, swim, see a sea turtle with my own eyes. So many things to do!


Travel to Hawaii- a friend from college lives there, my entire family has been there aside from me.


Getting to experience different cultures and adopt some new habits


I have been in love with Hawaii since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to visit this beautiful island and see amazing landscapes, surf and swim in blue water for the first time in my life! Where I am from on the East Coast, we have brown or green water with little to no visability under water and lots of garbage. I want to experience the ocean at it's best where it is appreciated! My main goal is to explore Hawaii outside of the tourist areas. I am aware that many of the tourist attractions are either disrespectful to traditional native practices or have become tainted by the need of tourism for the need of finances. I don't want to experience Hawaii this way, I want to spend time and learn from the locals, volunteer where I am able to give back to the community and see it's natural beauty by driving, hiking or swimming rather than seeing it from a balcony or in a photograph.


See the starts at night from the top of the mountain and listen to the locals play the ukelele