Before I die I want to...
Go Swim With Dolphins

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640 buckaroos have listed 'Go Swim With Dolphins' as one of their life goals:

My uncle,because he always goes swimming.


I would love to swim with the majestic, intelligent creatures.


I love dolphins. I have always wanted to swim and be able to touch them.


They are just amazing animals and are so kind.


i want to go swimming with dolphins


In primary school our teacher made us read a book about a kid who befriended a dolphin. The book was actually a true story, written like a journal by the kid; it became my favorite book and I read it over and over and I want to befriend a dolphin since then.


Dolphins have always looked so pretty and harmless.


Dolphins are very smart just like me ;)


I've never swam in crystal blue waters, especially in an intimate setting where I can pet beautiful sea creatures.


I would like to go and swim with dolphins before I die.


This opportunity might never come up again... do it for the story!


get a picture or just swim with them in another country


I think it would be an amazing experience for me to have and share with others. They are so beautiful I wish I can just swim with them all day. :)


I love animals...there's an extraordinary relationship that humanity can obtain with animals if we take the opportunity and I want to take this opportunity and meet many different types of animals.


They are just plain ole cute. Gentle creatures.


want to know how it feels like when swimming with the human loving dolphins!


Go to some tropical island and swim with the dolphins :)


Recently I watched the movie "Failure to Launch" with Sarah jessica Parker and Matthew Maconaghuey and at the very end the cutest dolphin swims up to him (corny, i know i know), but for some reason it made me tear up! I knew right then i had to do it.


to see how they react to humans and to see them upp close


I love Dolphins. I even have a tattoo on my back of one. I always wanted to swim with them.


Seeing videos on Youtube makes me want to just hug and kiss them, they are so cute!


I hate swimming so what better way to conquer a fear.


i did this when i was 20, with


Because their lovely animals and it would be a great experience to swim with the dolphins.


I love animals and dolphins and doing this would be absolutely amazing


Something I have always wanted to do from being a child...


I love dolphins, there my fave animals! I would be so lucky to swim with one <3


Oooh this would be sooo much fun!!! I know people that have done it and love it! I love to see peoples faces on pictures when they're being pushed by the dolphins! I hope they capture my face!


I've loved dolphins for years, used to have pictures all over my room as a kid. Would love to see them close up


traveling to tropical regions and imagining how incredible it would be to feel so free


I want to learn how to swim and to make it the best day ever nothing beats swimming with the Dolphins and having my brother and his girlfriend and my boyfriend there!


I have always had a dream of being able to swim with those beautiful creatures. I have a little obsession with them since I was in grade school


Yeah again everyone says this but thats because it is great


Dolhpins have always been my favourite animal. I would love to have the chance to go and swim with some because I think they're just so graceful, cute and they always seem happy.


I've always wanted to do this !!


Love these animals. They are so intelligent


I loved dolphins since forever ago. I believe they are more intelligent than most humans


Seems like a lovely thing to do.


Dolphins are one of the most beautiful animals out there and it would be amazing to swim with them!


I love animals. It's always been a dream of mine to swim with them.


I got close one time on a trip to the keys with my father, but he vetoed it, all I wanted to do on that trip!!!