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Slab City

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It was born out of a desire to "Say No To Violence" at Slab City (or The Slabs). It has grown beyond that to allow people to keep in touch whether they are physically present on the Slabs or not. You do not have to live here full time to join this Group. All you need is a commitment to find information about Slab City. Mission Statement: To provide a forum for people to share information about and connect with people at Slab City, California. The Slab City Community Group mission, goals and objectives are to empower Slab City Residents and Visitors to: - organize, plan for, create, sustain and participate in our unique “off the grid”, community; - to promote and sustain artistic expression experienced at Slab City; - to encourage participation in sound environmental practices; - promote and encourage sound agricultural practices; - to connect Slab City Residents with each other; - to build a prosperous and healthy community, which incorporates the artistic, agricultural, and environmentally sound practices associated with living “off the grid”; - to provide affordable housing solutions and opportunities; - to encourage Slab City Residents to engage in economic redevelopment and stability in Imperial County. - to help Slab City Residents build healthy community relationships with other local civic, county, state, and federal organizations and agencies. We say no to Violence. We are a community of individuals, committed to condemning violence and vigilantism. To stand by and say nothing when violence erupts condones that conduct. We are neighbors. We can look out for and support each other. We lead by example, not by telling others how to behave. Our code of ethics is what bind us together. Information is critical and essential ingredient for us to live without violence. This is not a place to rant and monopolize the threads. It is for discussion, not lecturing. We have room for everyone to have a say and be involved, but that does not mean we do not have boundaries. Remember, your rights end where the next person's rights begin. Be fair, be courteous, be respectful. There is another group on Facebook called Slab City. They have a different focus than this group, but they are just as vital to our community. There is also a non-Facebook Slab City website: We support that site too. If you would like to contribute your poems, stories, pictures etc. to that site, you will see a link there and they would love to hear from you! If there are people you know would like to join our Group, please feel free to ask them to join. Just a note: You have to ask to join this Facebook group. If it is obvious that you are a fictitious Facebook personality, you will not be added to the group. We are trying to keep it real! There is an email address for this group: [email protected]


Visit slab city with Carolyn, Bonny & Jen. Bring bacon and the bucket from bike week