Before I die I want to...
Be An Extra In A Movie

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434 buckaroos have listed 'Be An Extra In A Movie' as one of their life goals:

I want to appear in a movie, but just like in a funny way, like in the background


Movie magic, i really want to experience behind the scenes just once


I want to bring people along on my adventure to do things everyone dreams of doing.


I really wanna experience being an extra in a movie XD


I want to be an extra in a movie so I can watch it when I'm old and laugh at the one scene i'm in with my kids.


Movies are one of my favorite things in this world. I think the gift of storytelling is one of the-if not the most important gift we have in this world. I would love to get to me a part of helping a story come to life.


I have always loved the idea of forgetting who I am for a little bit and pretending to be someone else. Acting is a great way to do this, and while I will never be a stellar actress, I could definitely be an extra.


I'd love to be a part of a big time movie. Working behind the scenes on set is quite exciting


I want to be an actress. It is my dream to become one. However things are not easy instead, I decided to become something else and do acting as a hobby.


Because......why not?! Get an inside view on what it's like to be an actor.


I would love for the whole family to be in a movie.


It would be such a cool thing to tell your... Grandchildren? And also to brag about! ;)