Before I die I want to...
Buy Land And Plant A Forest

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Travel, see new things, be outside, fishing, camping, boating, foraging, adventuring abandoned places, metal detecting, exploring antique and thrift stores, visiting new towns, learning about history and cultures, living...


I wanna make summer fun again. I haven't had a good summer since summer 2015 and that needs to change



Since she was little, and I mean little (think age 2, in the hospital for over a week and singing Disney songs to the nurses), my youngest "My Little" has obsessed on everything Disney. It's expanded to everything "theater" and musicals these days as she's in high school. Beginning in middle school, we began talking about graduation and life after that, and she began planning her graduation 'dream' trip. She'd heard about "Make A Wish" and would always ask why she couldn't make a wish; we always explained those magic wishes are for kids with "different" abilities or illnesses who need magic wishes more than us. Her graduation Disney cruise is her own wish, and she's been researching it for years! And it's next year! :-O My Little also experiences "different" abilities. She was born premature, small, and blue. Life has been uphill with holes in her heart, loss of oxygen, developmental delays, academic and learning difficulties, social delays, but all along she's kept a bright smile and enthusiasm for life...and music and acting. One of her most favorite memories was dancing around a light pole with Peter Pan during a trip to Disneyland when she was 9 or 10. She still talks about that magical experience. We've been saving coins, then dollar bills, then fives, to prepare for this. This year she started helping care for our flock of eight chickens, and selling the eggs to raise money for her trip. She's determined! As you may know. . .coins, small bills, and egg money, won't be enough for a Disney dream cruise to celebrate my little's HS graduation and transition to adulthood. She'll need supports life long, and we're working on natural supports. It's hard to ask for support! The humility we embrace with the generosity and kindness of others, we aspire to return to others.


To feel me in a Twilight saga movie.


OK SO . . . when I was in high school I had this vivid dream about me and my best friends camping in the middle of the field behind my school and then having an epic laser tag war in the woods and it was honestly one of the best dreams I ever had!? I have wanted to do this ever since and I will absolutely make it happen!


I want to buy a plot of land in Scotland (my home country) and plant trees which will not be cut down for human use