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A Surprise Holiday For Mum

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I tend to see many corrupt organizations that worry about money more than helping and I want o create my own that gives proper funding to what my target is. I have many ideas for charities that I would like to be apart of like awareness and protection of animals going extince, fighitng against declawing cats and animal cruelty, helping rural villages get clean water and teaching them how to properly grow food in their climate to combate starvation. There are so many things to choose from and I want to tackle as many as I can! My goal is to work with my community to schedule fundraising events, walks, bake sales and craft fairs where proceeds help aid others in need or go to organizations who build necessities that people all over the world should have like water sanitation facilities, schools and green houses. I don't know how far my efforts will go but if I can change the life of at least one person or animal that is all that matters and I would have done my part.