Before I die I want to...
Go On A Rtw Trip

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i want to travel alot ive been watching a lot of vlogs recently and have been feeling like traviling


Solo traveling is definitely something out of your comfort zone, so why not?


I want to go to the airport and get on the next cheapest flight out and explore a place for a few days. This will only be possible if I can find someone to keep an eye on my cat.


Checkin toàn bộ Việt Nam. Khám phá 63 tỉnh thành tại đất nước xinh đẹp này


I want to see as much of this world as I can, I have always wanted to travel


Um khi kiếm được tiền rồi mình muốn được đi du lịch với Hanh , Thư 🥺 có thể hơn nữa vì lúc mình viết cái này thì là 18.8.21 !! Sẽ đi du lịch cùng nhau rồi tận hưởng kì nghỉ ấy !! Iuuuu


That's how we make friends don't we? I hope to meet someone that share same energy as me. One day planned by him/her one by me.


Touch 7 out of 7 continents and swim in each of the 4 major oceans


Organisateur d’événements, de rencontres et de voyages


I want to put all travelling options in a bowl and choose one at random. Either that, or have a bowl of letters and whichever letter I draw out, the first place I can think of that begins with that letter will be the place that we go.


I want to travel with my sister to Tokyo because me and her have been talking about, how when we grow older we are going to travel together to see all of the beautiful sights and try the wonderful food!!!!!


I like adventure and travelling very much. It may be a new place in the town or a foreign country. I'm okay with anywhere, I just want to go to a new place for me.


I want to visit at least 3 countries in the next year as a budget traveller to feel the essence of the local tradition, culture and the vibe.


I think that visiting a different city for every letter of the alphabet might take you to really unexpected places and that would be fantastic.


Travel somewhere hot to relax and enjoy the sun, time away to clear my head after weeks of hospital and doctors appointments. Also as a little birthday getaway for myself.


start this journey within a year but constantly travel to other countries through out my life


Me Time!! Please help me, I don't know where to go, I do not want a mainstream place to visit, must be a place to find your inner self.


I want to travel to at least fifty countries around the world by the end of sixty years of age.


Just want to explore the place, people, food, culture and nature!


Travel to 5 different states in the US . While i have lived in nj all my life and traveled part of the east coast i want to see what the rest of this country has to offer....


I want to see more than just the tiny town I've grown up in and experience other cultures.


Part of long term goal to see as many places in the world as possible.