Before I die I want to...
Go To Praia Da Ursa

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105 buckaroos have listed 'Go To Praia Da Ursa' as one of their life goals:

Try to live abroad and make friends there and see the life abroad


He's my mums bull terrier dog and he's lovely. I think the beach would be a good day out to do with him.


So I can wake up to the beautiful sight and watch the sunset at night.


I want to collect a small bottle of sand and sea shells from every beach I visit starting now. I want to display them on a shelf and see the beautiful color differences between each of them! I would tie a string and tag around the neck indicating the date and place we visited.


NOT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. . .but I am a thrillist with agoraphilia, the fetish of having sex in public places. I have actually done this for many years with my partner both outside in nature and inside heavily populated buildings. The thrill of getting caught is enticing and it does wonders for your sex life to be adventurous! My next goal is to go behind a waterfall and on the beach <3


What inspired me to do this is the lack of not knowing the ocean and feeling the sand between my toes.


drown to sea life, beaches, and islands. did you imagine sipping coconut water and sunbathing? yep! EXACTLY!


Eating next to the beach in Cyprus and seeing people swim at night.


I have always wanted to live somewhere hot, near a beach, somewhere beautiful that could enhance my life & encourage lifestyle changes, I would love to live somewhere with fresh, healthy produce available to encourage a better diet & a warm climate to motivate me to spend more time outdoors. I've never had the courage to make the move alone & therefor have wasted many years waiting for someone to come along who shares this dream but unfortunately that hasn't happened & im now at a stage where I'm fed up of waiting, trying to convince myself I can do it on my own.


Pay for my mum and dad to go on holiday for all of the money they spent on me to allow me to go to university