Before I die I want to...
Travel The World

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971 buckaroos have listed 'Travel The World' as one of their life goals:

To travel to see to visit to learn plane


Traveling the world would broaden my knowledge of different countries, customs, and many other things.


I want friends all around the world!


Cross each country off my list.


Travel can help you to widen a knowledge and experience about the things near. It is intresting to see knew places which you see on the picture. Meet new people and find knew intresting things and cultaral habitans of other nationalities.


I did this. I traveled the world, ending somewhere in 2000 or afterwards. In the end, I found out that the world doesn't exist. This is classic Buddhism.


i want to travel all over the world


Travel and met as many people possible. Find a place where you actually want to live


I want travel as much of the world as I can


When I traveled to Florida I really enjoyed it and made me realize that I wanted to continue traveling


Travelling to places where very few reached.


I always wanted to travel the world but always worried about not having enough money. I would like to have friends around the globe and visit them and get to know the culture.


I want to travel the word and see all of the beautiful places on planet earth. I want to go to jungles, forest, deserts, cities, oceans, tundras, and more. I want to this because I want to experience as much of the world as I possibly can.


have money and friends who wants travel arund the world


travel countries like Dubai, Egypt, Russia, England, Thailand, Japan


I want to travel the world... I want to learn new cultures, meet new people, meditate in natural environments where the view is breathtaking. I want to feel alive by taking in the world around me, living in the moment even as a future-thinking person. Let me become one with the natural world.


Travel to every continent (besides the arctics) -Germany -Ireland -Scotland -Norway -Russia -Kenya -Japan -China -Thailand -Australia and everywhere else


i think traveling is really fun.


I wanna see new places and meet new people. All i have is one question How many types of humans are living in this world? What will i do if i see them?


Travel and see the beauty that this world has to offer while also making mistakes, learning and growing.


I want to bring people along on my adventure to do things everyone dreams of doing.


The world is beautiful and I want to see it all.


I would like to travel the world in baby steps i think maybe one or two destinations a year.


i want to travel the whole world and enjoy each and every aspect of it


Want want want! I have an empty passport that is longing for stamps!


See and engage with other cultures


I just want to I think it would be cool


So far I have been to Scotland and Italy.


Travel to Asia Australia and South America BEFORE IM 30!


I want to travel the world with Siny 😍😘❤


I love discovering new things and the world has so much to offer


Once I'm famous, it will be easy to travel the world. I want to go to every country and meet a lot of people, make new friends.


i want to see new cultures, and meet new people


World is full of un discovered mystery to explore it.


I want to see the world some countries I want to see is England, Bahamas, Tokyo and Australia to name a few


Travel The World And Go To Historic Places ;)


Travel the world seems like a very cliche idea, but it's actually not. I mean we all want to see what this world has for us so be it. I want to see what our world has to offer to me.


I want to travel the world. I hope that I can do that with some of my friends or the people that I love. I just want to live my dreams and do what I want to do instead of doing what others are expecting me to do.


I've always wanted to travel the world but I've never had the right company or the permission because I have never been brave to speak of my desires without being seen in a negative light by my family.


Travel and explore the world, discovering places I didn't know even existed.


I just am full of wanderlust and it has been pounding in me for the past 15 years of my life. I am so close to graduating, which means I am also so close to traveling fulltime!


Explore the world. Discover new places. Experience different culture. Try a lot of foods. Seeing new things


Adventures are the best way to learn and explore more than just your everyday surroundings


I just want to leave my shell and learn to live an exciting life and meet awesome people along the way


I want to travel the world with my best friend


i just think that the world has things that it wants us to see


I want to visit as many places as possible.


I want to travel the whole world!!!!


Travel the world an explore new cultures and places!


Life isnt about waking up for a 9-5 job and paying bills for the rest of your life. We were put on this earth to live! To find meaning in our lives and to learn through experiences.