Before I die I want to...
Visit The Great Wall Of China

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187 buckaroos have listed 'Visit The Great Wall Of China' as one of their life goals:

I always liked traveling and going to China was one of the ticks on that list. In China every tourist needs to see the great wall.


My uncle used to live in China and said it was a dream come true, and I've always found their culture to be quite interesting.


My sister went and said it was amazing


Walk along a few sections of the Great Wall to take in its size.


Just been fascinated with the historical value of such a monumental piece of architecture and would love to see it in person, rather then pictures or hear stories from others,


I have always loved the history of the world and the ability of man to construct such a massive object by hand and for it to still be standing so many years later is worth seeing.


It can be seen from space- I want to see it in person!


I taught history for 40 years and would love to see all the places I taught about.


It's called Great for a reason and I want to experience its Greatness