Before I die I want to...
Ride In A Helicopter

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420 buckaroos have listed 'Ride In A Helicopter' as one of their life goals:

Ride in a helicopter, or own one!


I did this a few times in Alaska. It was beyond incredible.


I'd love to be able to see the city (or any city) from above, but not in a plane, in a helicopter. I want to feel the difference between the two.


Helicopter ride because Lucas is afraid of heights.


I have always wanted to ride in a helicopter, preferably over some beautiful terrain


Experience the thrill of riding as a passenger in a helicopter. This is something that I have always wanted to try even though I am scared of heights!


While in Maine, Wayne and I took a helicopter tour over Maines coastline. It was wonderful. 2012 Also took a helicopter tour over Sedona with Adrianne, my daughter, November, 2017.


wanted to become pilot.................have to settle with a ride


This goes along with my New Zealand goal because I want so bad when I am there to take helicopter tours of the mountains and plains.


Enjoy aspects of flying & for some reason have always wanted to go in a helicopter


doesnt matter where I do it just as long as I do it.


looks dope. especially over the grand canyone


for pretty view... doesn't matter


The people really do look like little ants! For someone with a fear of heights, this one was surprisingly relaxing.