Before I die I want to...
Visit Australia

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397 buckaroos have listed 'Visit Australia' as one of their life goals:

I want to visit Australia and tour the Sydney Opera House.


always excited to go down undah


Great Barrier Reef, Blue Mountains, Sydney Zoo


Queensland, The Great Barrier Reef


I have wanted to visit Australia since I really knew what Australia was. I love seeing pictures and I would love to go scuba diving in the great barrier reef. The Australian accents are just a plus!


Have always wanted to visit this country as grew up watching Neighbours and Home and Away. I have friends out there I can visit, would just need to get money for a flight and form a plan. Trip of a lifetime!!


I am fascinated by the people from Australia--and then there's the accent when they speak.


Uluru in the Northern Territory Sydney Opera House in Australia Twelve Apostles


Bondi beach, bioluminescent "glowing" lakes, surfers paradise etc


always wanted to go there to see all the attractions they have


Fiona McTavish Cuddle a Koala Bondi Beach Great Barrier Reef Fireworks at New Year in Sydney


Since I heard my family talking about what it was like to live in Australia during the Ten Pound Poms programme, I wanted to go and see it all.


I want to tour this vast nation


Australia is just so far away, and the people's life their is so different. its quite fun though i always wanted to visit australia but who knows? if you dream it, you can be it!


Always wanted to visit Australia, as it's so far away (basically the other side of the world)


So far away with every variety of everything there! It's got to be on everyone's list?!


take my wife to Bondai to see her little Girl


...always wanted to ever since I was a teen. Everything's completely different and yet they still manage to speak English (in the sexiest accent alive no less)!


Being a fan of animals, and Steve Irwin, I want to go and see the country for myself.