Before I die I want to...
Visit New York City

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I've been there for winter storm Jonas. We got snowed in the Gotham and it was incredible honestly. We saw Todd Barry at the Comedy Cellar. We went to the top of rock and also the Empire State building. Times Square was better in the snow. We went to the National History Museum, Museum of Sex, Central Park. Loved CP more in summer and want to go back. I loved the Mets fans and I have to take a ferry to the Statue one day.


It's a place everyone knows, and has many great tourist spots. You see New York in so many different movies, the atmosphere, culture, and history makes me want to visit there before I die.


I have a friend who lives there. I also want to go in that city


I want to visit New York with my family.


I want to go and see what the city is all about!


See the marvelous creations like tunnels, the monuments and the life.


Just pictured have been in eche country, that sound fantastic, doesn't it?


I always feel a pull towards New York and see Statue of Liberty. Maybe it is the tv or shows or something else.


Shopping. eating, drinking, Paddys Day, Hudson River Cruise, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Broadway, Times Square, Central Park, The Met, SNL audience, The Friends Experience, Brooklyn Reading Rooms, street performers, bagels, eat at Ugly Baby, Natural History Museum, Strand Book Store, Botanical Garden, Chelsea Market,


The city is huge and full of skyscrapers, which for me and where i live is very different. I live in a small city and nearby cities on have small high rise buildings but nothing as tall as New York's


Visit New York City, watch RBNY play


I want to visit New York City and want to see the city's skyline from across the river. I've seen that view in several episodes of Friends and I want to behold the beauty of that skyline from my own eyes.


Empire State Building, Central Park,...


My lifelong dream is to travel the world.


I want to experience the craziness of the city.


As listed in my other goals, being sick just makes me realize that I need to try to make these things happen while I’m still able to. Will my illness, I can be fine one day & not able to get out of bed the next. Ive never been out of the south east. There are so many places I want to visit. Since I can’t work anymore & trying to get disability is the hardest thing ever, there’s never enough money to travel. Most of our money is spent on medications.


Manhattan during Christmas and being at times square at NYE


Have a White Christmas, while the love-of-my-life and I sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate and laughing in between kisses as we unrwrap our presents.


I want to see the State of Liberty, Empire State Building, Time Sqare, Broadway and a show.


Empire State of Mind makes me feel indepentend


New York is the theatre capital of the world, basically. Also it has a cool beach there.


Cities inspire me, Chicago is such a wonderful place and New York seems just as fascinating


Always wanted to see New York at Christmas or on NYE


Id love to go to New York for Christmas time in the next 5 years


go to the ice bar and the falls


I want to visit NYC before I die.


would love to do this a it really nice to see as I never been


It's iconic and has so much history:)


i want to go to new york for the fashion


I have always heard abt the city that never sleeps.. Wanna experience that


I want to visit the city that never sleeps!


Never been and hear it is wonderful.


It seems like a brilliant place to go


See NY over X-mas or like a weekend!


I would really love to go at Christmas!


I want to visit New York and see the famous sites and stores. Its true Americana.


like many places in the USA, i would love to visit NYC!


I have always watched New York City on TV and it looks amazing, it's where you want to have a life and a career. I would love to live there one day and have a life there one day, you know, start afresh.


I've seen too many movies and read too many books situated in the Big Apple... And when in New York, I want to visit MoMa.


I want to see New York. Experience it. The culture. New York and all it's Beuaty.


The largest melting pot of cities, filled with customs, traditions and cultures unlike any other place in the United States. Let's hear it for New York!


Mrs. Dot she says I need to visit NY because it's beautiful... She and I one day shall go she says!! I <3 her!! :)


I've actually never been to a city. New York is one of the most well-known cities in the world, and one of the nearest to me. I would love to visit it - see something on Broadway, maybe, even.


It's my life dream at this point. I hope it's everything I've ever hoped.


Visiting the big apple has always been a long term dream


I want to pretend like im the 7th friend!


Always wanted to see Central Park and get a tour of Central Station. I was told that if I wanted to see a great play, New York City is where it is.


movies, family, friends, school, life have all sparked in me a dream to visit.