Before I die I want to...
Learn Japanese

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155 buckaroos have listed 'Learn Japanese' as one of their life goals:

Want to learn japanese to learn more about japanese culture, can communicate japanese people, want to travel japan, and last but get rid of sub.


I want to be able to read, write, speak and understand the Japanese language


I have always loved watching anime but reading the subtitles could get a bit tedious when you are also trying to watch the action. Learning Japanese can help me understand the things I watch without having to read subtitles.


It's always been a dream and I love everything about japanese culture


To learn the Japanese language.


I wanted to learn it for a very long time


i'm in love with japan. of course also animes, but the culture, the landscapes, the food and the language are what is so fascinating that i want to visit that country of my dreams. and that's why i want to learn japanese since i'm a little child.


I want to be able to backpack for a month around Japan


It's just one of my main goals


Over a 35 year span, I plan on adequately learning 16 other languages and this is the fourteenth one to learn.


I would like to learn japanese - it's in progress, I'm taking lessons.


If I want to go to Japan, speaking Japanese fluently might come in handy.


Goes hand in hand with visiting really. Would love to speak another language fluently- so why not Japanese?!


Japanese culture made me want to learn Japanese in the first place. For starters, my goal is to watch Japanese Anime/Dramas without the need for English subtitles.


I love Japan, and learning the language is essential to my future plans


Learn to speak and write fluent Japanese.


Learn Japanese well enough to converse without a translator.