Before I die I want to...
Go To Australia

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Explore Australia, swim in the ocean. 25.10.2023


I did this in the years 2000-2001. I traveled here and lived here for five months. I spent my time on the East Coast during this trip. I traveled by backpacking and spent time in many places, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Nimbin, Mullumbimby, and Airlie Beach.


Watch the Uluru rocks (Ayers Rock) change color throughout the day, Australia


beauty of the country and the opera house




دیدار دوستان و گردش در استرالیا


I want to explore Australia, perhaps make a dance film about it. But most of all I just want to get to know this beautiful culture and not be afraid of the deadly animals living up there :')


See the wildlife and the countryside. Experience the culture


I want to see all the cool animals and I want to do it with my family.


I want to go to Australia to see the Sydney Opera house!!!


i want to go see the pink lake or also called the Spencer lake in Australia


Is the only place to see a penguin and a kangaroo in the wild


My lifelong dream is to travel the world.


I want to meet koalas and kangaroos!


I want to visit Australia and see kangaroo


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I want to visit the Great Barrier Reef and go snorling. As well as check out some of Australia's nature tours and explore the wildlife.


Crickey. I just want to see life down under. Australia seems like it is a really interesting place, even though there are a lot of crazy bugs


A beautiful city with beautiful nature. Will probably take a gap year in Aus.


ive been begging dad to come with me after I have money for yrs he finally said it could work. We are hoping to do a private trip national geographic offers


Hold A koala Sydney Opera Surf


Australia`s beach, animals and definitely will go there for working holiday or just vacation


Australia sounds so fun and I have some family who live there. I have never met them :( But hope to go to meet them someday


Hopefully this summer! I will be going through ActionQuest. We will go to Sydney, The Whitsunday Islands, Townsville, Cairns, Cape Tribulation, The Great Barrier Reef, and sailing on the eastern coast.


My brother moved there 11 years ago


Lifelong dream. Dream big or go home!


Always wanted to go to Australia.


i want to travel everywhere, but this will be my first stop


Hold a Koala, Touch a Kangaroo and dive in the Great Barrior Reef, all because Mk and Ash said so.


YES!!! A dream of mine :] Its a SUPER long flight though. Maybe we'll stop in Guam for a couple days on the way. :]


It sounds so different, and there are tonsss of species to see.


I know many people who have had the time of their lives travelling there and I want to experience that.


I want to see the Coral Reefs and Kangaroos :) Seeing Oprah visit there made me want to see it for myself!


I love the accents and It just looks like a fun place!


Visiting this lovely continent/country would be a dream come true!


When I was little I had a friend from Australia. I've always wanted to go there.


because it sounds fun to go there