Working on my Masters atm

So I am working on one Masters atm and plan to do anothe one following it and follow that into a PHD *Fingers crossed*


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  • Studentmom54 Congrats to you for deciding to get an education. There are a few things I would like to suggest you do. I dont know you from Adam so these are the same suggestions I tell people I know or dont know. People I came across on the Internet. First and formost find ways to pay for your education as there is a limit that you can borrow in student loans from the government. Youdont want to get started andrun out of funds to pay for it. Second, if you havent already youneed two things, a good friend to talk to when things are getting tuff and APA style writting handbook. Get to know it as if its yourbest friend. Grad school is a totally different game when it comes to writing for school. Last, do the research on the different schools both brick and mortar andonline schools. Get to know peole from your school and not just fellow students, instructor, department chairs and financial aide and academic advising. Here is my email, feel free to contact me, takecare Susan Banks

    May 24, 2015 |