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Live in London for at least 6 months

I've always wanted to see what London is really like ...

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move to london

I'm in love with London

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Live In London and Possibly live or visit in L.A.

London has always been a dream, L.A. has been a ...

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The Ulitimate Dream

Posted by lovemusic158lovemusic158
When I was younger, I remember getting asked what I wanted to be when i grow up. Most kids answered doctor, teacher, athlete, rock star. But not me. I remember answering that i wanted to be a Queen. I didn't want to even be a princess, I thought they were over rated. I got a little bit older and realized that it would be very unlikely to ever become a queen or even a princess. So, at about age 8, I changed my answer to a judge of the United States Supreme Court. I always had big dreams and always will. Ive always kept my original dream in the back of my mind of wanting to be royal. Of course i know this is very unrealistic, but with a commoner recently becoming a Princess and in the future, a queen, all my childhood dreams came back to me. All of this might sound crazy of a teenage girl to even think possible, so I at least have to visit Buckingham Palace and live in London sometime before i die. This is something i can accomplish. If im lucky, i will fall in love while im there and stay there forever. But you never know, im just a girl who can wish and dream and try to do something about it <3