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What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. The term comes from the saying 'kick the bucket'

What is the BucketList?

The BucketList is a web-community which mission is to help people live their dream by achieving their goals. To this end the BL community tries to help Buckaroos by:

  1. Helping them make a list of life goals
  2. Setting deadlines for achieving those goals
  3. Receiving help and advice from others
  4. Paying it forward by supporting others in return

What is a Buckaroo?

buck·a·roo [buhk-uh-roo]

A buckaroo is a person with a bucket list. At least in the BucketList community :)


How do I become a Buckaroo?

Join the community and get started on your list

How do I list something?

The quickest way to add a goal to your bucketlist is go to your homepage and answer the question "What do you want to do before you kick-the-bucket?" and click Add. As you are typing into the textbox the site may suggest similar goals. Selecting a pre-existing goal allows the community to find and help equal minded/motivated buckaroos.

Adding a life goal

Bucket list goals can be grouped/sorted by Genre and Privacy. When browsing your list you can sort your list by selecting the preferred genre or privacy. And when adding new goals these selections define in which category the new goal will be placed. By default the genre is left empty and privacy is set to public.

To add descriptions, deadlines, etc. to your goals either add them via the Add a new goal-page or add goals as described earlier and just edit them later by clicking on the goal title.

How do I edit my list?

You can edit your goals by clicking on the pen icon() next to your goal title. If you only want to add or change the picture associated with your goal you can open an edit box by clicking on the picture/"polaroid" next to your goal.

How do I get help fulfilling my bucket list goals?

First of all you should make these goal public on your list. Secondly you may unknowingly have a friend (or follower) who knows exactly where your comming from and would gladly help you with your life goal. So shareing your goals on socialmedias could help you get started. Finally you can ask for help on the BL community's Help-page so fellow Buckers and Buckaroos can lend a helping hand :)

What is a Bucker?

buck·er [buhk-er]

A bucker is person who supports or aids a buckaroo with a bucket list goal


How do I become a bucker?

The first rule for becoming a bucker is to: Get involved. The second rule for becoming a bucker is GET INVOLVED ;) Offer advice and help any way you can. Either via help requests, goal comments or (b)log posts. You may just be the inspiration or support someone needs to fulfill their dreams.

Who else is here?

There are several ways to find friends (or foes :) on BucketList. You can...

Most importantly you should share your goals and progress with friends and followers so they know you're here :)

PS. It might be good to update your BL profile so friends know who you are :)

How do I get my own avatar or update my profile?

As your profile picture we can show your Gravatar, FaceBook profile picture or a picture you upload to the site.

Upvote or Downvote

You can vote on friends and public goals you like, dislike, recommend or condemn. Simply login and click on the arrows found besides goals. Depending on the casted votes the vote bucket will get a green or yellow/red color.

To see the most voted and "hottest" goals according to votes simply click on the Top or Hot tabs above the listed goals.

About us

BucketList is owned and operated by List It Inc. Initial release was dedicated to Matti Hakala, an uncle to the initial developer/owner. Matti was struck by cancer 7 months after development started on the site, however unlike the cancer-ridden stars in the movie "The Bucket List" he didn't have time for one last "spin".

Real life is not like the movies, so Carpe Diem (seize the day) and live your life to the fullest while you have the chance.

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